The No Bull Briefing Newsletter – July 2022

Ask an Expert

By Kaka RayMSFT, BCN

When we are triggered by conflict and become disregulated (sometimes called “flipping our lid”) it is very common for us drop into one of our younger parts.

You can quickly assess whether you are reacting from your inner wounded child by asking yourself three basic questions.


Have a question you would like answered? Send it our way and we will see what we can find out for you!


Join us in Eva in November!

We are already at the total number of men who attended the retreat last year, and we still have three months to register. That’s something worth celebrating! However, it does mean that the retreat will most likely sell out this year – so get your spot today!

This fall, Roane and Eva Hunter, international bestselling authors of Sex, God, and the Chaos of Betrayal, along with their son, Roe, will present on Sexual Brokenness: A Family Affair. Come listen as they share from the relational perspectives of husband-wife, father-son, and mother-son.

To help encourage men to register, we are hosting a friendly competition. At check-in, we will ask guys to list one Samson meeting to represent. The meeting with the most men in attendance will receive the opportunity to purchase an official Samson t-shirt with their meeting logo on it in the Samson merch store!





By Jamie, a Pirate Monk Author

Sometimes angels are 24 year old guys in a lifted truck smoking cigarettes. Who am I to judge what they do or how God uses them?

Okay, I guess you need some back story now. Firstly, I am not mechanically wired. You don’t see me checking spark plugs or changing my own oil; not because I don’t know how or am unwilling to learn…YouTube has taught me many things. I would just rather have people in my life I know and trust that are professionals to do that. Sometimes, this fact makes me feel like less of a man and I know that. Tonight was one of those nights, but I didn’t overthink or dwell on that thought because I’m learning to only dwell on the thoughts and character of the Heavenly Father and He doesn’t condemn me for not being mechanically inclined, so why should I?

Okay, now back to the smoking angels. My son calls me at 2:00 am and I’m in full REM at this point. He says,” I think I blew a tire!” So I start asking questions to assess the situation and determine if I need to be supportive over the phone or go meet him. I determine I need to go, so I throw yesterday’s clothes on and head out the door. I race like a madman to the scene where I see my son attempting to get at his spare tire…did I mention I was in sandals? Don’t judge… I was half asleep and footwear choice or grabbing tools was not high on my priority list. Told you…not wired that way!

Trying not to completely destroy the poorly managed stereo installation from the previous owner, we eventually get the spare tire out and all the tools “needed” for the job. I get out my heavy duty jack from the truck and a big chunk of wood to chalk the other back tire.

We start jacking the car and realize now in hindsight (again sleepy) I should have tried loosening the nuts first, because apparently the last time we had the tires serviced the tech over torqued the tires or we had some rust build up happen. I get some lubricant, spray the nuts…because I’ve seen this movie before. 🙂 I try loosening the nuts again. I’m pulling so hard that I think I’m going to get a hernia. I’m standing on the wheel wrench! (I think that’s the name of it…not googling now) and these nuts do not want to move. I’m out of ideas at this point because I don’t have anything in my truck or at home that would help get these off. So, I do what manly men do…call AMA right? Not really, but that’s what I did. As I’m calling, these two guys out of nowhere pull up and start talking to my son. He explains the situation and I quickly cancel with AMA because a neighbour or smoking angels in this case have come to our rescue!

Cue emasculation now!

I could stand there in a stoic man pose stroking my beard and say “You’re able to loosen the nuts because I loosened them first!” but in reality I know only two actually moved. In the end, these young guys helped us do what we couldn’t, simply because we didn’t have the tools needed…apparently steel toed boots!

All men need help at times. Either with tires, emotions, raising kids, loving their wife or even spending time with God. I think we just need to accept the help more willingly and honestly. That is especially true when the help is coming directly from God.

I am enough, when I trust Him enough….so the more I trust Him the better off I am.

It’s 3:35 am. I can hear birds outside and I’m going back to bed thanking God that He says,” I am enough!”


Why Men Struggle to Love Workshop

Introducing a workshop opportunity presented by Eddie Capparucci and based on the book, Why Men Struggle to Love: Overcoming Relational Blind Spots.

This workgroup is right for you if one or more of the following feels true:

  • You have struggled with sex addiction, porn addiction, or some other addiction
  • You find emotional intimacy frightening or seemingly unattainable
  • Your spouse says you are distant and struggle to connect emotionally
  • You feel isolated and alone, even when you are in a romantic relationship

In this group, you will:

  • Learn how you became an emotionally undeveloped man
  • Examine the issues behind your struggle to connect intimately
  • Begin the process of identifying and overcoming your emotional blind spots
  • Be introduced to numerous antidotes that will help you on your journey to becoming emotionally connected with others


A new group starts:

  • August 23, 2022
  • Tuesdays, 8 p.m. EST
  • 6 weeks, 90-minute sessions (This is Level 1 of 2 Levels)
  • Facilitator: Eddie Capparucci




Couple's Trip to Italy

Join us October 7-9 for a men’s and women’s retreat happening about 2 hours from Rome in the Apennine mountains. The American dollar’s power in Europe is strong right now and airfare prices have recently decreased making it possible to travel to Italy for around $750 a person. Turn the retreat weekend into a tour of Italy with your spouse for an experience you won’t forget!


Do you sometimes find yourself acting or reacting in immature ways? Does conflict with your partner sometimes degenerate into childish language or behavior? In this retreat, Nate Larkin and Kaka Ray will explore what it takes to “grow up” into free and fully integrated adulthood, capable of connecting deeply with another person.


Wildflowers defy boundaries and expectations. They grow in both expected and unexpected places and often thrive in difficult conditions. Like those exposed landscapes, your life may be scorched by the firestorms of loss. Your soul might be exposed to the emotional drought of illness. Your heart could be frozen by the bitter wind of shattered dreams. Walk through a landscape of healing with companions who know both the devastation of loss and the emergence of hope. The task is to study your own story – to listen to the heartache and hope etched in the narrative of your life. And to find the meaning God has written there.



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Samson Society does not have dues or fees, but we do have expenses, and the summer months are historically low giving months even though our monthly expenses remain the same.

Some ways to can help financially support Samson include:

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Considering how much time and expense we have put into unwanted, unfulfilling habits, many of us have recognized it only makes sense to invest in our own and other’s recovery.


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