The No Bull Briefing Newsletter – April 2022

Registering Local Meeting & Members

Over the last couple of years, Samson Society has grown exponentially! But in the process, some in-person meetings have started up while others have sadly become casualties to the pandemic.

If you host an in-person meeting, please take a moment to register the meeting through Samson Society so that other men in your area can more easily find you. You can do this through the “My Groups” tab on the website after logging into your account. Just click the “+ Add Group” blue button on the right to officially register your meeting.

We also want to make sure to connect with the men attending your meetings, so please register their names and emails when you complete the group registration form. This enables us to inform them of events in their area, keep them updated on Samson news via the NBB and any other special emails we may send out, and allow other Samson brothers to find them through the Find a Brother searchable database (each member can opt in/out of being searchable in their profile settings).

Need help completing this? Let us know! We are happy to assist you.


Coming Soon: Ask an Expert

Samson Society wants to help equip you as you navigate your journey forward. We are reaching out to field experts for advice in various subjects that we want to share with you.

Do you have a question you would like to ask an expert? Send it to us and it might be featured in a future NBB.


Ciao Amico!

Do you sometimes find yourself acting or reacting in immature ways? Does conflict with your partner sometimes degenerate into childish language or behavior? In this retreat, Nate Larkin and Kaka Ray will explore what it takes to “grow up” into free and fully integrated adulthood, capable of connecting deeply with another person.

Join us in Italy from October 7-9, 2022, for a weekend retreat.

Tips to Make Your Trip More Affordable
  1. Your best bet to find a cheap international flight is to look at a calendar of prices and compare different travel dates. Then set a price alert so you can get notified to book when the fares are low. Taking time to explore a variety of websites is key to finding great fares. Then the next most important part is being ready to act quickly in some cases. Be sure to check out a few of the lesser known sites such as Skyscanner, AirfarewatchdogHopperand Scott’s Cheap Flights.
  2. You can actually often save money by booking international flights with the starting point from the closest major international airport, and then booking an individual flight from your airport to that one. Or, if you are able to drive to the major airport, that’ll save you even more money. If you can, travel from one of the following airports: New York-JFK, Newark, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington Dulles, Miami, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas-Fort Worth
  3. The same can be said for your destination airport as well. Some cities and airports are much more expensive than others to fly into, so be open on this point, especially if you know there are several airports clustered together. Rail travel in Europe makes it easy (and possibly cheaper) to get to your final destination by flying into another airport. Budget airlines, such as easyJet and Ryanair, have revolutionized intercity travel in Europe by competing with rail carriers on price, though, so check them out, too.
  4. Here is a tip for those who are tech savvy and are willing to spend some time comparing rates.
  5. It used to be that booking round-trip airfare was a lot more affordable. But that’s not necessarily the case now. Instead, you might come out on top by being willing to book your “to” trip with one airline and your “home” trip with another airline or even consider booking your trip one leg at a time. You may find a cheaper flight to Miami on one airline and make a connection to Rome on another. You may return home on a completely different airline or have an out-of-the-way layover in Brussels, but you can save a ton of money in the long run. This wont always be the case, but its worth looking into as you’re shopping around.


We Have Merch!

Samson Society has a merchandise store with items ranging from drinkware to apparel and accessories. Visit the store today and show your Pirate Monk pride!

Don’t see what you want or have a design idea? More items will be added to the store soon, so drop us a line to let us know what items you’d like to see or designs you have dreamed up.

Lastly, drop a picture of your purchased item on Slack for other guys to see and to help us spread the word!


Tell Us Your Samson Testimony

Do you have a Samson testimonial? Send us 2-3 sentences of how Samson has changed your life and help us share the impact with other men.

Need prompts? Feel free to fill in the blank to any (or all) of the following:

  • The Samson Society has given me: _________________
  • Through Samson Society, I have learned: ___________________
  • Samson Society impacted my life by: _________________


Monthly Resource Corner

Each month, Samson Society will promote a resource that you may find helpful on your journey. Feel free to share any podcast episodes, blog posts, books, or documentaries that you find enlightening! Email us at

Redeeming Heartache is a book for anyone healing from isolation, trauma, and fear, and invites you on a journey not to resolve past suffering but to discover true connection and healing with ourselves, God, and others.

Dan Allender and Cathy Loerzel enter the conversation admitting that tragedy and pain inevitably touch each of our lives in some way, but we are often taught to ignore or minimize our suffering. We long to feel whole, but more often than not, the way we’ve learned to deal with our wounds pushes us away from the very restoration we need most. This book will help you find freedom and healing from painful memories and relational struggles and identify how suffering sets the trajectory of true calling.



Support Samson with Amazon Smile

Did you know that you can support Samson House while you shop? For every purchase through Amazon Smile, Samson House receives a small donation when you select us as your charity of choice.

Does your company purchase items through Amazon? Then ask if we can be their charity of choice! You shop. Amazon gives. It’s that easy!