The No Bull Briefing Newsletter – February 2022

Share Your Samson Story

Nate Larkin is working on the second edition of Samson and the Pirate Monks.  This revised and expanded edition will feature dozens of real stories contributed by members of the Samson Society.

Nate is looking for brothers who are willing to add their own redemption story to the collection.

Here are the guidelines:

  • Each story must be a true account of personal experience
  • Each story should focus on a single crisis, issue, breakthrough, or insight
  • Stories should be 750-1500 words in length
  • Submissions will be edited for clarity and brevity
  • Authors may give their real name or choose to be anonymous.

If you are willing to share the lessons of your experience with readers around the world, drop a line today to and let us know that you intend to participate.


Ciao Amico!

Join us in Italy from October 7-9, 2022, for a men’s retreat at a venue a short drive from Rome. We are still finalizing the costs, but as of right now it looks like the in-country expenses will be very reasonable. If you want to make it a vacation for you and your wife, we will be providing opportunities for personal growth and fun excursions for women as well.

If you plan on staying beyond the retreat for an extended vacation, we will be providing updates in future NBBs and on a dedicated Slack channel so you can coordinate with other Pirate Monks.

We recognize that after paying rent, utilities, and grocery bills, it can be difficult to set aside the little cash that is left over each month for a future trip. Here are five practical tips for funding your trip to Italy. 


Regional Retreat Opportunities

Planning a regional Samson retreat? Let us know at or drop it on the #upcoming_event channel on Slack so we can help you spread the word!


2023 Mega Retreat Team

We are seriously considering a MEGA RETREAT for 2023 in Orlando or a similar destination. The planning for such an event is considerable, though, so we are putting together a 2023 Mega Retreat Team to plan and execute the whole event.

We will need at least 12 men to coordinate travel, location, venue, communication, merch, meals and coffee, sound, video, presenters, registration, and more. The commitment is approximately 5 hours per month from now until August 2023, with more hours needed in the final couple of months.

If we can pull this off, this will be a game-changer event for Samson Society. Interested in joining the team? Email us at


Monthly Resource

Each month, Samson Society will promote a resource that you may find helpful on your journey. Feel free to share any podcast episodes, blog posts, books, or documentaries that you find enlightening! Email us at

This month, we are highlighting Sex, God, and the Chaos of Betrayal by Roane and Eva Hunter, featuring a foreward from our main presenter this past November in Eva, Jim Cress. Roane and Eva Hunter offer a raw and transparent account of the difficult path they have traveled together in dealing with sexual addiction. The result is their ability to offer a comprehensive road map for recovery. In addition to their own personal experiences, they are able to share as two seasoned and highly respected mental health professionals who have now field-tested this process of healing with countless couples through their clinical practice. The result is carefully crafted advice for discovering how to find the true intimacy of knowing and being known.


Daily Dose of Samson Devotional

Join others in listening to a daily 3-minute devotion from Samson House anywhere at any time on any device:


You Shop. Amazon Gives.

Don’t forget us when you (or your small business) shop online. Just designate Samson House as your  charity of choice and each time you shop Amazon will donate to Samson House. The more you shop, the more Amazon gives! While Samson Society does not charge any membership dues or fees, we do have expenses and every dollar donated helps us rescue families by helping men live in the freedom of authenticity.


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