The No Bull Briefing Newsletter – May 2021

Regional Retreats This Summer

We have two open invitation regional retreats this summer:

  • Mojito Creek in Colorado, July 29-August 1
  • Blue Ridge Retreat in Georgia, July 9-11, 2021


The Deep End of the Pool – How Samson Society Pushed Me into Becoming

By David Bunker


I have never felt all that spiritual. As the son of a holiness preacher, I grew up in an environment of spiritual rectitude. As I grew older I became keenly aware of the expectations placed upon me via my father and his world. It is quite possible that this spiritual aquarium created a hypersensitivity regarding how my faith was perceived. It was clear that the expectations were unquestioned perfection and consistent virtue.  I have never felt I met up to those expectations.  And now, years later I am much more drawn towards the broken and the bruised rather than the Christian superstars. Although much of my 20’s and 30’s was spent convincing others and myself as to my own spiritual depth, it became clear a few decades later that I was indeed not that mature in my faith nor was I aware of how to even define that maturity.

How could one grow up in a church, attend Christian colleges, hundreds of events, read tons of Christian literature and spend a great deal of my time in ministry situations and yet still discover deep wounds and hidden sin? Was this sin hidden due to my own personal sense of denial or was there some complicity on the part of the community in which I was attempting to live out my faith? Was I being offered a discipleship model that was unrealistic and in truth dishonest and unwittingly inauthentic? I am convinced that both my own denial and the communities’ corporate sense of denial created an environment where rhetoric and theology, knowledge, and posturing, often disempowered real authentic discipleship. Many in 12 step programs will attest to the depths of despair their lives had to reach before they began to really take an honest inventory of their true spiritual state.  In fact, many will contend that until their personal and precipitous fall from grace, they were oblivious as to their true beliefs and spiritual life.

How can men be in proximity to such spiritual sustenance and still find themselves unable to see what life is really offering? How can one claim knowledge about God and His Word and still remain oblivious to a wound or even more tragic, a major character flaw that is setting them up for a public fall that will devastate more than them personally but all those within their family and possible sphere of influence?

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Don’t Forget the Silas Appreciation Day Meme Competition

July 5th is Silas Appreciation Day. To commemorate the day we are holding a meme competition. Submit your Silas Appreciation Meme HERE. The deadline for submittals is June 1st when we will turn over all memes to the totally unbiased firm of Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe for the selection of the winner. The top five memes will be featured in the June No Bull Briefing and the winner will receive a coveted Samson Society T-shirt.


Reminder: Help Us Reach More of Our Men

Many of the men in Samson Society in-person meetings are NOT in our database as members. Sadly, that means they are not getting the No Bull Briefing – we’re missing them, and they’re missing out. Ask the men in your group if they are getting the No Bull Briefing Newsletter. If they are not, go to the “My Groups” tab on the Samson Society website, if you are the administrator you can add them with name and email (you’ll see a list of all registered members). If you are not, you will need to contact the administrator of your group and ask him to add them. Our best guess is there are several hundred men active in Samson Society but not yet members (only true for in-person attendees). Let’s help them get on board and get up to speed!



Samson Society does not have dues or fees, but we DO have expenses. We currently reach men in over 40 countries and we are stretched thin financially. If you can make a generous one-time or, better yet, monthly contribution, that will help us continue to do what we do so well … “rescue families by helping men live in the freedom of authenticity.”

You can make your contribution to the mission of Samson Society through Samson House HERE. Thank you!