The mission of Samson House is to provide a safe place, physical or virtual, for Christian men to bring their real selves and say the real truth about the things they’ve kept hidden. It’s a space of grace on the addiction battlefield, where men can be transparent without judgment or shame. It’s a storehouse of resources, an oasis of acceptance, and a network of no bull brotherhood. We recognize we’re in a battle for sexual sanity, authentic relationships, and an end to destructive hidden habits, and we refuse to let the casualties of this battle be our marriages, our children and our grandchildren.


We see a man who is fully restored to sexual sanity, his marriage saved and strengthened, romance returned with his wife, and true beauty restored. The innocence of his children is protected, and he lives authentically before God, himself, and others. If you have that vision or your dream, join us.

Our Motto:

“No Bull Brotherhood”


The Samson Society began in February, 2004, in Franklin, Tennessee, with a group of 12 men, following a meeting format modeled after those used in 12-step recovery. By February, 2007, the group had grown to more than 50 men, several of whom shared their stories in Samson and the Pirate Monks: Calling Men to Authentic Brotherhood, which was written by Nate Larkin and published by Thomas Nelson. The purpose of the book was to inspire other men to launch similar groups.

Since the publication of the first book, more than 450 Samson Society groups have started in North America, and nearly 10,000 men have registered online at samsonsociety.org. There are no fees for membership in the Samson Society, and the Society is prohibited by its charter from paying any salaries or owning any property. Samson House was formed in June of 2017 to serve as an information clearinghouse, event organizer, and online meeting place for the Samson Society. Its goal is to strengthen the Society and build a network with other organizations engaged in the same mission.