This phone app is primarily to assist you and your Silas:

  • to connect with a phone call or message,
  • to see your progress on “this stretch of the road”,
  • and even to reach other Available Pirate Monks (“APM”) when your Silas is unavailable!

So, let’s get started!

  • Download the app for your iPhone or Android.
  • Login using your Samson Society logon username (or email) and password.
  • From the menu, select “My Profile” and add or update your info.
    • Adding a photo is important. It helps us recognize each other at in-person or virtual meetings.
    • Adding your Phone will enable you to better connect with your Silas, your Silas-brother, or for you to called as an APM. ,
    • When you’re ready to take the next step by becoming a Silas, select “accept Silas responsibility”. This feature allows other fellow-travelers using the Silas app to request that you be their Silas.
    • Note: The requestor will not be automatically accepted on your behalf. It is your decision to accept the request to be that brother’s Silas.
  • Use the phone icon to make your Silas calls.
  • After your call, fill in the appropriate check-in boxes to journalize your check-in. You and your Silas will be able to view your check-in journal.
  • Now you’re ready to go!

From the menu, you can also select the following:

  • “Invite a Silas” allows you to ask another brother to be your Silas. When you use this feature, the other brother will be notified that you would like to have them as your Silas. If they agree, you will be notified and his name will show up in the “My Silas” section of the main page.
  • “Remove a Silas” is used to manage your list of Silases through “this stretch of the road”.
  • “Stop Being Silas” will remove you from the list of available brothers who can serve as a Silas.

Other features include:

  • “Available for APM calls” allows you to stand in the gap for a brother who can’t reach his Silas by phone and needs to talk rather than leaving a voice message or text with him.
  • Turning this feature ON adds you to the search results for a brother who’s looking for someone to talk to “now”. It’s another way we can give back.
  • This feature is intended to be used for a short period of time. Turn it on for an hour or two when you have time to take a call; turn it off when you’re on longer available for a call. Think of it as an Uber driver is available or not according to his own discretion.
  • “My Silas” displays your Silas (or Silases) and with a touch of the “Call” button, you can connect to him. There’s also a calendar “History” that tracks your check-ins with each Silas.
  • “Today’s Check-ins” helps you track the brothers who have you as a Silas.
  • “Call Available Pirate Monk” allows you to search for someone to call when you need to talk to someone immediately and you can’t reach your own Silas.

If you’re wondering what a Silas is or want to know more about this critical relationship with a fellow-traveler, check it out here.

Another notes for later updates:

  • Adding “Topics” to your profile will include you to the results of a Pirate Monk’s search when he is looking for an APM to discuss particular subjects. This is optional. If you do not indicate a topic, you can still be selected as an APM in a general search.