Welcome to the Samson Society!  You have chosen to take a great step forward in your recovery journey.  This is a great community of authenticity, vulnerability, humility and recovery.  This checklist will help you to make sure to have access to all the benefits of this community.

Step 1:  Website Sign-up

✓ You have already completed the first step – Congratulations!

Step 2:  Join our Slack Community

Slack is a text chat tool that we use to stay connected with other Samson brothers between meetings. The virtual meeting schedule is also posted in Slack every day. Please click this link to join us in Slack:


Step 3:  Join Virtual Meetings

Review the virtual meeting schedule on the Samson website, check the #samson_meeting_info channel in Slack or look at the Google calendar to find a meeting (or as many as you would like) that is convenient for you to join.

Step 4:  Consider Becoming a Sustaining Member of Samson House

While Samson Society doesn’t have membership dues, we do have expenses. Help us keep the lights on as we endeavor to expand the offerings and opportunities available to all men of Samson Society by becoming a sustaining member of Samson House. For $7.95 a month, you have exclusive access to additional recovery resources such as videos from recent retreats, a Samson coach & clinician directory, Samson Harbor events, the swag store, and more!

Visit SamsonHouse.Org and use passcode NoBullBrotherhood to access the website.

Step 5: Grow Your Recovery by Helping Others with Theirs

Considering how much time and expense we have put into unwanted, unfulfilling habits, many of us have recognized it only makes sense to invest in our own and other’s recovery. Contributions beyond the $7.95 per month as a Sustaining Member of Samson House are fully tax-deductible.

There are two easy ways to give back:

1. A voluntary monthly bank draft or credit/debit card through our contributions processor, New Horizon’s Foundation – Samson House.

2. Text2give a monthly $ amount to Samson House (we use Kindrid to service text2give). Just text 1-719-722-3545 and put a dollar amount in the text message box, then follow the prompts. It takes about 2 min – you’ll need your bank account information from a check. Some guys use text2give at the end of every meeting to pay-it-forward. After the first time, it only takes 5 seconds!